What follows is a simple guide to how we help artists both in the UK and across the world to promote their music whether in the early stages of their careers to gain traction or as an artist with an existing sales base to release music on a budget you can afford.

For many years we have helped bands grow as well as working with major labels such as Sony, Warner Music, Universal etc. on a wide range of artists encompassing all musical styles from metal to folk and urban to pop, this means that we have a diverse range of contacts covering all media areas and with our development patterns you get a series of individual team members working alongside you covering differing media areas and giving you regular updates. The reason the genres are also so diverse in the music we handle is due to the labels such as MCA, UNIVERSAL, ZOMBA and imprints such as Polydor, Motown , Geffen , Uptown, Mother, The Really Useful Group etc that formulated the history of my background and working life.

Please look at our websites for full information on our 20 year history.



The structure of the campaign is aimed at artists and bands that are building their brand and need a team of passionate professionals to spark the interest of the media. In many ways our team follow the structure of labels that seems to be from a previous era, when through a number of releases promoting a single or a single and an ep or a single and album ,or as a one off to test the water in line with a budget that works for you, you can therefore look to the future where you can budget either individual release periods, or month by month payments.

We call this a DIY Label approach, which in essence means you are signing us for an agreed release term instead of us signing you, with no equity involvement unless this is something we agree upon after a first stage release. With this campaign, you are the boss and you are involved in the decision making process where you help guide the team.

Hence as stated, you are the label head and artist. Through each 10 week campaign –or less depending on budgets – commencing with the first build up release which should be able to deliver a quantity of different areas of media including radio, online , print etc.,  then taking you into the release of your next track which you would generally discuss with the team and set up around week eight of the first stage if you wished to look at the long term.

The Quite Great Team work together to help introduce you to all areas of the media with the motto ‘teamwork makes everything possible’ hence underlining the fact you are backed by a team as opposed to certain companies you may come across online who seem to offer the world but are in fact no more than ‘one man PR operations’. Having worked at major labels and been running Quite Great for twenty years + integrity is key and the trust you are putting into our team to follow your aims is also vital.

Add to this the importance of clarity, the clients who come to us from other companies and have never even got a report having paid money to a company to promote their music send shivers down us hence you will be sent regular reports by one of the team members on a Friday outlining new coverage, areas contacted and declines. If you have any concerns at any stage or wish to talk to a member of the team just feel free to arrange a Skype or phone call or simply drop us a line as the team are always on hand to discuss the campaign with you.