Having researched and tested many producers before meeting Matt. I can only say I am blown away by how talented Matt is. His showreal for maybe lack of effort in showing his best work, does not do an iota of justice to the music he is able to produce and how versatile a producer he is.

We had an album of 15 songs with each song being totally different and Matt exceeded expectations each time first time. From songs with a Hans Zimmer feel to pop commercial and even country and western, Matt each time delivered to us something very magical and moving.

We spent 6 month prior to our album trying to find the right person and now having spent almost 6 months in the studio with Matt I can honestly say we could never of made a better choice. He his humble and awesome to work with and I just hope he stays that way once his time comes which I know will be soon.

We previously had meetings with producer who had top 20 chart success and I can say they didn’t even come close to what Matt has been able to do for us.

Our album is almost complete and I will honestly miss working with him and the team once it’s completed as they have made the whole experience amazing.

But for anyone that wants outstanding music made in whatever style then see magic Matt you will get Dr Dre and Hans Zimmer in one. He truly will take your breath away and is the coolest and nicest guy you could ever hope to work with.

All the best guys