Your name? (As you’d like to it appear in the book along with any business name/official job title)

Andy Whitmore – Record Producer, & owner of Greystoke Studios, London.


Where are you based?

Ealing, London


How long have you worked as a record producer?

25 years


How did you first get into this field?

I was a successful session keyboard player, programmer, having played keyboards on more than 50 top 10 records in the UK – it felt like a natural step to move from session player to record producer, as my job entailed building tracks from scratch.


What personality traits should someone have if they want to become a record producer?

Simple – always try your hardest – you need to perform at 120% every day – & be in a good mood, a nice person to deal with


What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Record Production can be a hard job if you are not very good at it! It is important to take on the Artists input – but at some point – take over – make the track your own & finish the song so that you like it – every part makes sense & is happening. Normally – this means it’s better than the artist was expecting meaning the job gets finished quickly & profitably.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Listening to the finished tracks, & getting them accepted by radio pluggers, record companies & ultimately on radio.


How much travel is required for your job?

16 miles a day! In the past – I have worked at every London studio – but these days I work from my own studio.


What’s your best advice for someone thinking about becoming a record producer?

Never give up! Try to get yourself in a position that you are earning a living wage – & then keep working till you have a hit.