Greystoke Studio in Hanger Lane, London

Greystoke Studio in Hanger Lane, West London, is a high-spec recording studio. We also provide production and mixing services.

We are located only 30 minutes from Oxford Circus, providing incredible value for musicians without compromising on quality.

Please enquire at

Greystoke Studios
39 Greystoke Park Terrace,
London, W51JL

Remote Recording

Greystoke Studio specialises in remote-recording / online recording

Greystoke Studio is setup so that while your artist, or our session musician is recording at Greystoke Studio – you can be present via Zoom, to listen & choose takes – LIVE – from anywhere in the world.

Greystoke provides online recording & mixing services. We record bespoke projects for clients, providing the musicians required for the project and delivering the recordings either as a finished mix or as individual multi-track stems.

VocalsStringsBrassDrumsGuitarsBassSteinway PianoHammond C3Synthesizers – Analog & Digital

Whilst we love to meet our clients, current circumstances have encouraged us to specialise in recording remotely. From our West London studio, we record for artists, composers & producers across the world. We offer quick turnarounds, […]

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Links to Tour of Greystoke Studio / Demos of synths / How to make a dance track

Tour of Greystoke Studio

Andy Whitmore Studio Tour of Greystoke Studio, West London, UK 2020 – Over 40 organic, analog & digital vintage & current keyboards & synthesizers –

Links to Demos of Analog Synths

ARP ODYSSEY MKIII Analog Synthesizer Vintage 1972 Sounds | HQ DEMO & TUTORIAL –

Roland Jupiter-4 Vintage 1979 Sounds & Presets | HQ DEMO & TUTORIAL –

Moog Minimoog Model D Vintage Analog Synthesizer (1978) – famous sounds – no reissue – | Synth HQ DEMO & TUTORIAL –

Minimoog Model D Reissue – 2016 – Sounds | Synth HQ DEMO & TUTORIAL –

OBERHEIM XPANDER – Sounds & Presets | Synth HQ DEMO & TUTORIAL –

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3.2 – Sounds & Presets […]

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Two great songs working their way up the Top 40

The quality of the music that’s coming out of the studio at the moment has been nothing short of exceptional. Andy Whitmore and the team have especially enjoyed producing their latest tracks –”Into Me” and “Disco Nation”.

Into Me was written by Andy, Matt Knight and Joe Killington. It’s a track that has a real catchy, summer vibe and the recently-shot video has done a great job of capturing Clara Hurtado’s fabulous talent. Clara is a rising star we’ve had our eye on for a while, coming runner up in The Voice UK. We were just waiting for the right moment to get her into the studio and, boy, she didn’t disappoint. Plus, she’s been an absolute joy to work […]

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Andy in “Tin Pan Alley”

Andy Whitmore is one of 6 top record producers featured on Sky TV’s “Tin Pan Alley” – presented by Mike Read.Tin Pan Alley airs on Sky 266 – Sunday October 2nd at 6.30pm. Andy produced 2 tracks for 2 songwriters & is featured on the show.

We’ll wait and see how it turned out! For more info – check the link below:- Tin Pan Alley is a 10-week series showing on Showbiz TV (Sky channel 266) and other platforms.

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Andy Whitmore’s Book Interview

Your name? (As you’d like to it appear in the book along with any business name/official job title)

Andy Whitmore – Record Producer, & owner of Greystoke Studios, London.


Where are you based?

Ealing, London


How long have you worked as a record producer?

25 years


How did you first get into this field?

I was a successful session keyboard player, programmer, having played keyboards on more than 50 top 10 records in the UK – it felt like a natural step to move from session player to record producer, as my job entailed building tracks from scratch.


What personality traits should someone have if they want to become a record producer?

Simple – always try your hardest – you need to perform at 120% every day – […]

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